Thursday, February 17, 2011


What do you crave?   I heard this lady Lysa Terkeurst on the klove morning show a couple of weeks ago.  It interested me because I am in the process of trying to loose weight, and I had just had this conversation with my husband about food.  I was explaining to him(who has no weight issues and could care less about food) that I love food! It is hard to just not eat those brownies and cookies and SNICKERS!  To him, it is ridiculous.  But then we heard Lysa on the radio talking about her new book Made To Crave.  That Friday i got an email for Fabulous Friday deals from and  that book was on Sale for 50% off.  I had to order it.  I did and have just started reading it.  I went to her website  and she is doing a free 21 day challenge.  I have  already signed up.  Want to join me? Just follow the link above.

Has food become more about frustration than fulfillment? Made to Crave is the missing link between a woman’s desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to make that happen. Author Lysa TerKeurst personally understands the battle that women face. In Made to Crave, she will help you:
  • Break the cycle of “I’ll start again on Monday,” and feel good about yourself today.
  • Stop agonizing over numbers on the scale and make peace with your body.
  • Replace rationalization that leads to diet failure with wisdom that leads to victory.
  • Reach your healthy goals and grow closer to God through the process.
This book is not a how-to manual or the latest, greatest dieting plan. Made to Crave is a helpful companion to use alongside whatever healthy eating approach you choose — a book and Bible study to help you find the “want to” in how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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