Friday, February 11, 2011

Glee Gum: Make your own Candy Kits

   Me and the girls had fun with this one! We made our own chocolate candies from scratch. (not by melting chocolate) With actual cocoa butter and cocoa powder.  I love how they include the story behind the products. It is very educational.  Charity (my first grader) took the story and a sample to school  for show and tell.  I had never heard of these before but I was sent one to try.  We chose the make your own chocolate kit.  They also have make your own chewing gum kit and gummy candy kit.   It was really simple and easy enough for my 4 year old to help.  They even included some cocoa beans to try.  My oldest took the shell off for us and we all tried a little bit.  It was very bitter.  The chocolate turned out pretty but was very dark chocolate. I am not a fan of dark chocolate, but my husband loved it, so all is good!   You can order your own at

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  1. I haven't seen those before. The only ones I see in the store are the ones that you melt the chocolate. Making your own chocolate sounds so much more fun.